Rent a car, bike, scooter, kayak, or whatever vehicle from your neighbor.

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Vhycle is a sharing economy peer to peer platform that allows recycling vehicles between people. A place where everybody can share any kind of transport and rent them to anybody who needs one.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


How It Works


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Write your city and find all kinds of vehicles around your area.


Select the vehicle that you need, read the description, and choose one.


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Choose the number of hours or days and enjoy the trip.

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We are a startup in the early stage that is developing a vehicle-recycling platform. Our goal is to recycle the vehicles that are in disuse and put them available to anyone who needs one. This is for the purpose of contributing to the creation of smart cities, as well as to protect the environment since our philosophy is based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

We have an office in Nykobing Falster, and we are motivated to know that we are doing something that will change the world to improve it since we believe that nobody needs to buy a new vehicle, but rather, recycle it.

Currently, we are in a stage of fundraising and also we are looking for the right team (Designers UX/UI and IT Developers) to make our mission a reality, great humans who want to accompany us on this trip and who want to join to the team doesn´t matter where they are, we believe that everybody can work from anywhere.

If you think you should be part of something big that changes the world, then drop a line and contact us.

Vhycle Team

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Join the team


Lucio Munch


"Vehicle-sharing is the future of mobility. It's good for the environment and contributes to making smart cities".

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Víctor Barrera


"I dream of a world where people can share their vehicles, instead of buying a new one".

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Marie-Louise Nielsen

UX Writer & Branding

"Vhycle is the next big App that everybody wants to have on their mobile, it`s the best option to move easier everywhere". 

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Lucía Granados

Social Media Manager & Strategy

"With Vhycle you don't need several apps to find a transport to rent, now you need to use only one".

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Eduardo Gochicoa

UX/UI Senior Designer

"More than an App, it is a new form of mobility. All the vehicles in the world in your hands".


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Rent a car, bike, scooter, kayak, or whatever vehicle from your neighbor.



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